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Dazed by the same routine? Discover a Novel Integrated Approach to Clinical Genomic Analysis

NxClinical provides a novel, integrated approach to clinical genome analysis and interpretation.

NxClinical 5.0 webinar - what to expect

We are ringing in the new year with a webinar on what’s new in NxClinical. Sign-up to save your spot!

The 2019 Southern California Regional Molecular and Cytogenetics Meeting

At the latest SoCal region Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics meeting, there was much discussion over the future direction of genomic variant detection and classification in oncology.

Happy New Year from your BioDiscovery Family!

May 2019 bring you lots of joy, fulfillment, and love through the challenges and excitement life brings. Cheers to a wonderful year ahead!

BeCreative's 5th Annual New Technologies in Cytogenetics & Clinical Application Conference

Dr. Soheil Shams was in invited to speak in Bejing, China last week at BeCreative's 5th Annual New Technologies in Cytogenetics & Clinical Application Meeting.

ASHG 2018 Wrap-up

Back from another exciting ASHG conference. It was the highest attendance rate to date and the weather was predictably beautiful in San Diego!

Clinical Genome Data Analysis Workshop in China

To educate the community and encourage sharing of experiences and knowledge within the genetic testing labs, Be Creative recently hosted a workshop on clinical data analysis and interpretation using NxClinical.

OMIM data in NxClinical

OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man) is a comprehensive database consisting of human genes and genetic phenotypes associated with Mendelian disorders. The database is used by genetic labs to assist in interpretation. It is maintained by Johns Hopkins University and is available freely via the online GUI for personal, educational, or research use but other uses, usage by certain types of organizations, as well as downloading or incorporating with products does carry licensing fees.

BioDiscovery goes down under for the HGSA 2018 Conference

We recently attended the HGSA conference in Sydney a couple weeks ago and had the opportunity to experience some of the excitement around genomics in Australia.

Did you catch the PerkinElmer Genomics' webinar on their new CNGnome test using NxClinical for analysis & interpretation?

Using a combination of genomic sequencing technologies and bioinformatic tools, PerkinElmer Genomics is paving the way to replace traditional microarray analyses for constitutional genomics with NGS. Dr. Alka Chaubey, PerkinElmer Genomics, presented development and validation of the new CNGnome™ Test and comparison to traditional CMA. Dr. Chaubey also discusses how NxClinical was selected for use with their new assay and shows how the software was invaluable in the interpretation process.