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DNA for data storage?

DNA’s data density and stability (fossil DNA that is hundreds of thousands of years old can be decoded) make it a great candidate for long-term data storage.

Integrated View of Copy Number and Sequence Variants

Users of Nexus Copy Number know that the software can analyze data from microarray and NGS to get copy number results. However, not everyone is aware that it can also load NGS sequence variants from a .vcf file and integrate them with the copy number events.

What are systematic correction files?

Sometimes a wave-like pattern is seen in the probe distribution across chromosomes. This artifact can affect the accuracy of calls. Systematic correction based on GC content of the probe sequence and its neighborhood can be applied to minimize this problem.

Sample Attributes: How adding annotation can streamline your workflow

NxClinical allows for the upload of annotation information in the form of Sample Attributes. These pre-defined fields allow for inclusion of any and all information.

Dream in Gold

Researchers and clinicians are fighting for cures, just as athletes in Rio de Janeiro are fighting for gold.

The Mile High City for the CGC was good to us!

Once again, the CGC Annual Meeting proved to be a spectacular event for education and discussions pertaining to best practices in clinical laboratories.

For CNV analysis, how do I combine data from different sources into a single Nexus Copy Number project?

You already know that Nexus Copy Number is a versatile software for genomic data analysis that can load and process data from different technologies (arrays, NGS), manufacturers (Agilent, Affymetrix, Illumina…), and modalities (copy number, sequence variants, gene expression, methylation).

Linked Sample Analysis in NxClinical 2

Looking to do some analysis where you need to take into account a relationship between samples? Even though NxClinical 2.2 performs analysis only on a single sample level, you can create links between samples and view these together.

Looking for more information about integrating analysis of copy number, sequence variant and gene expression data?

In this webinar we discussed how to prepare, upload and process copy number, expression and sequence variant results for the same samples within a cancer cohort.

Easy, integrated genomic data analysis with Nexus Copy Number 8.0

Our Nexus Copy Number software for years provided the ability to integrate sequence variants and gene expression results with copy number allowing identifications of genomic hotspots.