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We’re back from another great AACR meeting!  Lots of interesting talks, posters, and exhibitor events.  It was great catching up with customers and meeting future ones.  We were happy to see that Nexus Copy Number helped many of you with your data analysis and publication ready images for your presentations at AACR!

We launched Nexus Copy Number 9.0 this week which has a new algorithm, BAM (multiscale reference), that allows copy number estimation from low-pass and targeted sequencing data and provides high quality results from normal depth of coverage as well.  Prior to the release, we had some customers using version 9.0 as part of the Early Access Program.  It was great to see that some of them were already able to analyze their data with version 9.0 and present it at AACR.

A hot topic at this year’s meeting was liquid biopsies/CTCs with circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) becoming important in tumor biomarker analysis.  The minimally invasive process is extremely valuable especially for progressive sampling often necessary for monitoring disease state and treatment response in cancers. Dr. Xiaji Chen, Genentech, presented a poster evaluating CNV detection in ctDNA via low-pass whole genome sequencing.  She used the BAM (multiscale reference) algorithm in Nexus Copy Number 9.0 to analyze low-pass WGS data (0.1x, 0.25x, 0.5x, 1x coverage) and found that .5x coverage was efficient to identify CNVs.

Ira Kraft from Dr. Paul Meltzer’s lab at the NCI also used the BAM (multiscale reference) algorithm for his work and presented his poster, “Genomic mechanisms of disease progression in pediatric medullary thyroid cancer (MTC).”  He analyzed tumor samples of patients with MTC both pre-TKI (tyrosine kinase inhibitor) therapy and at progression to elucidate mechanisms of drug resistance using a custom targeted NGS panel. Ira Kraft, NCI, uses Nexus Copy Number 9.0 to derive CNVs from targeted panel data - AACR 2017

There were several other presentations featuring Nexus Copy Number including one on childhood ALL by Julia Meyer, from Dr. Joshua Schiffman’s lab at the University of Utah and one on novel CNAs in adult AML by Maria Fontana et al., University of Bologna. We are pleased to see our products are helping researchers provide greater insights into cancer and ultimately in the quest for a cure.

You can also view our AACR 2017 poster titled Copy Number Estimation from Targeted and Shallow Sequencing in Cancer Samples. 

Some other customer posters:

Anna Ferrari et al. Distinct pattern of alterations in tp53 mutated and wild type acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients.

Julie Laliberte et al. Simultaneous measurement of global methylation and copy number alterations in human colorectal cancer samples.

Leticia Leon et al. Copy number alterations in NOTCH2 and PTP4A3 are associated with prognosis and support novel therapeutic strategies for malignant pleural mesothelioma.