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Recently, BioDiscovery signed an OEM partnership deal with Thermo Fisher Scientific for analysis software for the OncoScan Assay.  The partnership allows the two companies to merge their expertise in high-throughput genomic data analysis software and array based assays for the cancer genomics market. BioDiscovery developed Nexus Express for OncoScan software for Thermo Fisher's OncoScan CNV Assay for solid tumor analysis. The software incorporates BioDiscovery's gold standard copy number analysis algorithms with statistical analysis tools for copy number and LOH analysis of results from the OncoScan assay. It includes a number of OncoScan specific metrics as well as Thermo's TuScan algorithm. Read the full press release here

chromosome-example-2.pngOncoScan Assay users can get the software for free from Thermo Fisher. Nexus Express for OncoScan provides rich, interactive visualization of copy number events, log ratio plots, allelic events (including LOH and copy neutral LOH), and B-allele frequency plots. The software can handle a large number of samples and provides aggregate plots for gain,loss, and LOH events across the genome. It also displays and utilizes the somatic mutation information from the assay and allows for integration of external gene expression data. Read this blog post on data analysis in Nexus Express for OncoScan.

Nexus Express for OncoScan offers a lot of features for cohort analysis of cancer samples from the OncoScan assay but if you are also using other arrays (e.g. CytoScan or Illumina arrays) or other platforms (NGS), you won't be able to use Nexus Express for that. Nexus Copy Number software offers all the features found in Nexus Express and more. It allows you to load and process any array data and offers additional research analysis tools not offered in Nexus Express. In addition Nexus Copy Number can use NGS data (WES, WGS, targeted panels) to extract copy number and LOH using the BAM MSR algorithm. This is a huge advantage especially as more users are consolidating and moving to use of NGS for both CNV and sequence variant analysis.

Learn more about Nexus Copy Number and request a free demo.

Get Nexus Express for OncoScan from Thermo Fisher