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We recently attended the HGSA conference in Sydney a couple weeks ago and had the opportunity to experience some of the excitement around genomics in Australia.

If you’re not familiar, there are numerous genomic initiatives in Australia such as a national carrier screening program - which would essentially provide free carrier screening to all eligible citizens in Australia. Another outstanding initiative is the Zero Childhood Cancer program which aims to address childhood cancer in an effort to eventually eradicate this terrible affliction. Finally, I had the opportunity to hear from a guest international speaker from Broad Institute, Dr. Daniel MacArthur. He discussed how personalized medicine is shaping around the globe and the potential impact that has for Australia.

For us at BioDiscovery, we have experienced a significant uptake in the adoption of our NxClinical software within Australia. The reason is simple - Australian labs need to be extremely efficient to remain profitable given the current reimbursement environment. As such, we have seen labs rapidly adopting our software and benefit from increased efficiency gains. In fact, we have specific case studies we are happy to share for anyone interested.  

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