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Nexus DB is an online portal to access, store and share Nexus Copy Number projects. The available resources have been recently updated to include additional access to our TCGA Premier offering. With Nexus DB, you now have the ability to view and query the fully curated TCGA Premier datasets within areas of interest. This includes the option to query from within your own Nexus Copy Number project, or to do a directed search from within the database itself.

To get started, be sure to login to Nexus DB and click on the Visible Projects subtab. From here you can select the projects you are interested in querying. You can select one, several or all. There is no limit!

Nexus DB pic.png

Then either click on the Search Repository option within the Nexus DB menu to query the projects directly, or select Query Database from within your project to look at a specific alteration of interest. This can be selected by either using the database query icon or right-clicking within a table.

Your query will return results that include frequency of the alteration, scope of the change and annotations associated with the selected samples.

All samples within TCGA Premier datasets are now visible to all users and TCGA Premier subscribers can download these results for full use, within an existing project or as a stand-alone project or both within Nexus Copy NumberRequest more information here to get a TCGA Premier subscription.

And don’t forget, Nexus DB is a great way to back up your Nexus projects and share with colleagues. Simply upload a project to your My Projects tab through the Nexus DB menu to back up your project.  Create or join groups to share your project with other Nexus users.