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Going to ASHG next week? Join us to learn more from clinical experts on the movement towards a single NGS assay and integrated analysis, visualization, and interpretation of genomic variants.

We have a great roster of speakers lined up and you can get a sneak peek at the new NxClinical 4.0 software, so don’t miss this event.

CNV, AOH, and Seq Var analysis and interpretation from a single NGS assay
ASHG Speakers Revised.png

Are we good at tailoring our clinical NGS analysis for individual patients or should we optimize more? Dr. Ingrid Simonic, Cambridge University Hospitals, UK

Discovery of dual diagnoses and compound genetic events using NxClinical. Dr. Benjamin Darbro, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

A Comprehensive genomic tool for combined interpretation and reporting of sequence variants and copy number changes assessed using different platforms. Dr. Rashmi Kanagal-Shamanna, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Copy number and sequencing analysis of children and families with heritable retinal dystrophies in Costa Rica: High prevalence of mutations in regions of autozygosity. Dr. Daynna Wolff, Medical University of South Carolina

Wednesday, October 18, 2017
7:15 AM - 8:45 AM
Hilton Orlando; Lake Florence Room A &B


If you can't make it to the workshop, stop by booth #935 and participate in our in-booth activities.20th anniversary logo png.png

  • Learn about our CNV from NGS calling algorithm and our unique clinical platform for analysis, visualization, interpretation, and reporting of CNV, AOH, and sequence variations.  Get a sneak peek at the NxClinical 4.0 software with a live demo.
  • Participate in our NxClinical 4.0 launch and 20th anniversary activities for our one-of-a-kind t-shirts. 
  • And for our 20th anniversary celebration, we have a special thank you gift for our customers. 

Visit our ASHG events page for details. We hope to see you there!