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Ambry Genetics, a privately held healthcare company with genetic testing solutions for inherited and non-inherited diseases, has performed over a million genetic tests since 2001.  Handling such high volumes requires an efficient pipeline with robust analysis software that increases consistency while reducing potential human errors. 

Ambry case study picture.jpgWe recently published a case study on Ambry Genetics’ use of our NxClinical software which has increased efficiency and has allowed Ambry to handle five times the case load without needing to obtain additional resources.  I'm going to provide a quick summary here but you can read the entire case study including their decision making process, implementation time frame, as well as next steps by downloading the paper here

As a quickly expanding lab, Ambry experienced increased usage and required a system that could handle a large number of reviewers and needed to improve transparency in its multi-user environment.  Before implementing NxClinical, Ambry was using BioDiscovery’s Nexus Copy Number software for secondary and tertiary analysis.  The software worked well for analysis and interpretation but was not designed for use in a large multi-user environment.  It lacked several features such as a centralized database, traceability, and administrator-controlled workflows.

After extensive review of alternative solutions, Ambry chose NxClinical to be integrated into their new state-of-the-art Super Lab and NxClinical provided key benefits such as

  • Improved lab workflow and organization
  • Simultaneous and remote access to software
  • A centralized database system to leverage past cases
  • Audit-trail for traceability and transparency 
  • Time savings with real-time sample access

Dr. Sharon Mexal, Senior Director of Clinical Operations, Ambry, stated “Our site is now able to support rapidly growing sample volume and equally growing staffing where the analysis software is no longer a bottleneck. The traceability provided by the software during our review stages makes accountability a non-issue.”

We are pleased to see that NxClinical met the significant data management challenges posed by Ambry's Super Lab.   As Ambry continues with NxClinical, we’re looking forward to see what additional efficiencies Ambry realizes with the latest version 3 of NxClinical in production and hope to report back on that in the coming months!

Download the Case Study