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SoCal Cyto and Molecular meeting 2018.3.1.jpgLast week we hosted the inaugural Southern California Regional Clinical Cytogenetics & Molecular Genetics Meeting which proved to be a great success!

Participants came from an array of Southern Calfornia labs including Ambry Genetics, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles,  Cedars Sinai, Kaiser Permanente and City of Hope.

Over a dozen of Southern California's finest Cytogeneticists and Molecular geneticists came together to discuss latest developments, share experiences and information, and help overcome challenges in the testing field. This proved to be a breeding ground for new ideas, collaborations, and learning. 

Some of the highlights included: 

  • Keynote presenter Dr. Gordana Raca, Director, Clinical Cytogenomics Laboratory, CHLA, speaking about the feasibility of genome-wide assessment for pathogenic exon-level deletions and duplications
  • Open discussion regarding trends for getting CNV data from NGS
  • Review of the new CytoScan XON array
  • Presentation/discussion of interesting clinical cases

SoCal Cyto and Molecular meeting social hr 2018.3.1.jpg

The event concluded with an enjoyable social hour and truly lived up to the goal of fostering a place for local geneticists to learn from each other. Everyone was excited about continuing this community driven event every year and to expand it to accomodate more participants. 

We are also looking forward to replicating this meeting in other regions around the country, so please let us know if you are interested - contact us!