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We are excited to announce the release of NxClinical 4.1! Our unique software solution for integration of copy number, sequence variants, and allelic changes obtained from microarray and NGS technologies. NxClinical 4.1 allows combined analysis and interpretation of all genomic variants on a single, platform agnostic system.

NxC 4.1 icon (dark grey) finalNew features include
  • Enhancements to the sequence variant interpretation engine.
  • Filtering schemas to further narrow the list of causative variants.
  • Trio/family analysis and support for the latest technologies including Illumina Infinium®Global Screening Array and Thermo Fisher CytoScan™ XON Suite.  

Check out a complete list of features here.

Soheil Headshot 2018See all of the new features live in our upcoming webinar on May 8th and 9th with Dr. Soheil Shams - Register to save your spot now!