Topic: Cancer

Recent Advances in Clinical Genetics Uncovered Causative Alterations for Several Rare Diseases

Research advances in clinical genetics recently uncovered the causative alterations for several rare diseases. Evaluate your clinical samples with ease for copy number alteration, sequence variants or both using NxClinical 3.0.

Patent Filed using Nexus Copy Number – for Canine Cancer Diagnosis

Dr. Breen of North Carolina State University has been a long time user of our Nexus Copy Number software and we were pleased to learn of his application of his latest patent: a new, non-invasive method of diagnosing bladder cancer in dogs.

Easy, integrated genomic data analysis with Nexus Copy Number 8.0

Our Nexus Copy Number software for years provided the ability to integrate sequence variants and gene expression results with copy number allowing identifications of genomic hotspots.

Now it's time for a recap of ESHG & GLCC!

May was a busy month for BioDiscovery with attending the GLCC and the ESHG meetings - now it's time for a recap!

Can I Get Quality Copy Number Results from NGS data?

We have come a long way in a short amount of time with NGS (next-generation sequencing) technologies. Learn more about the benefits here!

That's a wrap for AACR 2016!

We had a great time in the soulful city of New Orleans, LA for the 2016 AACR Annual Meeting! Read more about our top 3 event highlights!

Diploid Recentering: When, Why and How

Since cancer frequently undergoes copy number changes it is important to run a quick check to validate if the the “normal” areas normal. Learn more!

A review of “Emerging landscape of oncogenic signatures across human cancer”

This review provides an alternate approach to indentifying driver alterations, by classifying individual tumors based on their functional events.

Estimation of Aberrant Cell Percentage in Tumor Normal Cell Mixture

Cancer samples usually contain a mixture of tumor and normal cells. Take a look at this formula for calculating a one-copy loss event.

TCGA – Premier – CNV data – re-analyzed

Gain a more in-depth analysis of the TCGA Premier data product, a purely algorithmic approach to varient detection. Learn more about TCGA Premier today.