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Nexus Copy Number – Casting a Wide Net

Nexus Copy Number has been used to work on a variety of organisms, including canines, monkeys, plants, humans, and more. View these highlighted publications.

Patent Filed using Nexus Copy Number – for Canine Cancer Diagnosis

Dr. Breen of North Carolina State University has been a long time user of our Nexus Copy Number software and we were pleased to learn of his application of his latest patent: a new, non-invasive method of diagnosing bladder cancer in dogs.

Spice up your life with the new version of NxClinical 3.0

Our new version on NxClinical 3.0 offers something that no one else in this industry is currently offering which is uniting NGS and microarray data in one single database software system.

A Hidden Gem in Nexus Copy Number

The hidden gem is Nexus DB. Nexus DB is an Amazon cloud (AWS) based repository for Nexus projects and users can sign up free login accounts inside the Nexus software to access it.

Integrated View of Copy Number and Sequence Variants

Users of Nexus Copy Number know that the software can analyze data from microarray and NGS to get copy number results. However, not everyone is aware that it can also load NGS sequence variants from a .vcf file and integrate them with the copy number events.

Easy, integrated genomic data analysis with Nexus Copy Number 8.0

Our Nexus Copy Number software for years provided the ability to integrate sequence variants and gene expression results with copy number allowing identifications of genomic hotspots.

Webinar about getting copy number from NGS generates strong interests

Learn more about the two methods for obtaining copy number results from NGS data in Nexus Copy Number, BAM ngCGH (matched) and BAM (pooled reference).

Looking for more information about ACMG rules and NxClinical?

Here are a few frequently asked Q&A's from the webinar and white paper on ACMG standards and guidelines for CNV analysis.

Copy Number from NGS generates excitement at ACMG

Nexus Copy Number 8.0 can use BAM files to get both copy number and LOH calls, which was just like analyzing SNP array data.

Product Release: Nexus Copy Number 8.0

The most important addition within Nexus Copy Number 8.0 is the function to get copy number results from WGS, WES, or targeted panel NGS data.