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BioDiscovery Case Studies

See how our products have been used to aid in the clinical and research fields, and to help detect cancer.

NxClinical Software Significantly Increases Efficiency at Ambry Genetics

NxClinical’s multi-user system with automated and standardized processes and with a central database that automatically creates and augments the in-house case history database nimbly processes samples from Ambry’s high-throughput workflow.

NxClinical Software Increases Efficiency in the Reporting Process at CombiMatrix

NxClinical software significantly improves efficiency and turnaround time at CombiMatrix, a clinical diagnostic laboratory, and provides the laboratory a robust system for data management, analysis, and interpretation of genomic changes.

BioDiscovery Nexus and Professional Services Help Researcher with Integrative Genomic Data Analysis

Dr. Shaveta Vinayak, a researcher and clinician, works side-by-side with the BioDiscovery Professional Services team to interpret genomic data from triple-negative breast cancer.