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In each weekly 30-minute session, our experts will introduce new guidance to improve your daily workflow as an analyst or a reviewer; covering the following application areas:

  • Constitutional genetics
  • Oncology
  • Molecular genetics
  • Preimplantation genetics

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What is NxClinical and how can it help my clinical case review? 

Thursday, March 11th 8:30-9 AM PST (Recording)
Presented by Brian Lee, Customer Success Manager


Copy Number analysis by NGS: Urban legend or true reality?
 Thursday, March 18th 8:30-9 AM PST (Recording)

In this 30 minute session, Sam Dougaparsad, Customer Success Manager, will discuss the current market approaches and strategies to CNV analysis in NGS which include a crowded field of algorithmic pipelines for CNV analysis. Sam will also review the universal CNV-calling strategy that NxClinical offers for targeted panels, exome sequencing, and whole genome sequencing.

Modern CMA Solutions: New GDA-Cyto and GSA-Cyto SNP arrays with NxClinical
Thursday, March 25th 8:30-9 AM PST
Chromosomal microarray is still the gold standard method as recommended by ACMG Guidelines as the 1st line testing for constitutional disorders. Unfortunately, most array platforms on the market are outdated having been designed more than a decade ago. BioDiscovery has partnered with Illumina to design a modern SNP array that offers significantly improved exon-level coverage of disease associated genes at a low cost combined with NxClinical, the leading comprehensive variant interpretation software, to create a unique and powerful solution. Learn more about this modern CMA and its applicability for prenatal, postnatal, reproductive and cancer genetics in this 30-minute webinar presented by Dan Saul, Customer Success Manager at BioDiscovery.
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NxClinical for Oncology Clinical Case Review

Thursday, April 1st 8:30-9 AM PST

Presented by Soheil Shams, CEO & Founder


Combinatorial analysis of Copy Number and Sequence Variants at your fingertips


Thursday, April 8th 8:30-9 AM PST

Presented by Sam Dougaparsad, Customer Success Manager



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*All webinars will be made available as recordings following the live session.