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Hawthorne, CA, November 17, 2015 – BioDiscovery, Inc., a leader in innovative genomic data analysis software solutions for life sciences research and clinical applications, announced today that CombiMatrix of Irvine, CA is now using BioDiscovery’s NxClinical software for analysis, management, and interpretation of copy number events in its clinical workflow.

“As a national reference laboratory, we at CombiMatrix specialize in the performance of cytogenomic testing for prenatal diagnosis, miscarriage analysis, and pediatric developmental disorders” said Karine Hovanes, PhD, FACMG, Vice President of Scientific Advancement and Laboratory Director. “The different sample types necessitate specific analytical, review and reporting workflow requirements. Adoption of the NxClinical software has provided an efficient and secure workflow for our data batch loading and processing at our high volume clinical laboratory. Its improved features support various workflow designations for different test types allowing us to analyze and store the data within each workflow. Moreover, as a result of an easy and updated access to the public reference databases as well as our own database of historical cases, the interpretation of chromosomal microarray data is extremely efficient and consistent.”

BioDiscovery’s NxClinical software increases accuracy and efficiency in molecular genetics and cytogenomics labs’ workflows.  It is a multi-user system with a central database, automated and standardized processes, and integrated reference databases to provide robust and rapid interpretation and reporting of genomic variations.

NxClinical’s platform-independence allows labs to use the same software for analysis and interpretation of data from any technology (e.g. aCGH arrays, SNP arrays, and NGS) allowing much greater flexibility and ease in adopting the best technology for a lab without having to invest additional time and money in installation, training, and validation with a new system. The automated workflows can be customized to mirror a lab’s decision making process and classification terms to pre-classify events, removing repetitive tasks and minimizing potential human error. The system allows enforcement of lab SOPs with assigned user roles and privileges for appropriate user access, extensive audit trail capabilities, and flexible deployment with local or cloud-based options.

About CombiMatrix Corporation
CombiMatrix Corporation provides valuable molecular diagnostic solutions and comprehensive clinical support to foster the highest quality in patient care. CombiMatrix specializes in pre-implantation genetic screening, miscarriage analysis, prenatal and pediatric diagnostics, offering DNA-based testing for the detection of genetic abnormalities beyond what can be identified through traditional methodologies. CombiMatrix performs genetic testing utilizing a variety of advanced cytogenomic techniques, including chromosomal microarray analysis, standardized and customized fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and high-resolution karyotyping.  CombiMatrix is dedicated to providing high-level clinical support for healthcare professionals in order to help them incorporate the results of complex genetic testing into patient-centered medical decision making. Additional information about CombiMatrix is available at or by calling (800) 710-0624.

About BioDiscovery, Inc.
BioDiscovery, Inc. is dedicated to the development of state-of-the-art software products for life science research as well as clinical applications.  The company’s mission is to enable scientists to eliminate disease and suffering through application of computational technologies and translating these findings directly and rapidly to clinical use.  From its inception in 1997, BioDiscovery has been an innovative leader in the genomics field having introduced the first dedicated commercial software tool for analyzing microarray images.  Since then, innovation has continued to be a top priority. BioDiscovery’s passion to make a difference has further extended the company’s reach into creating the most comprehensive enterprise-wide system enabling research findings to translate into clinical applications and make direct impact on patient care.  For more information, visit

The BioDiscovery software tools referenced are designed to assist clinicians and are not intended as primary diagnostic tools. It is each lab’s responsibility to use the software in accordance with internal policies as well as in compliance with applicable regulations.

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