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El Segundo, CA, April, 4, 2017 – BioDiscovery’s Nexus Copy Number software is a leading solution for researchers across the globe for integrated analysis of copy number, sequence variation, and LOH (loss of heterozygosity). The software is built on over a decade of research, design, and development in the genomics field and offers cutting-edge and user-friendly features to scientists worldwide.

Nexus Copy Number 9.0 expands support for a wider range of sequencing technologies.  “The new features in Nexus Copy Number 9.0 really enhance the usability of WES, WGS, targeted panels and low-pass sequencing for copy number analysis,” said Dr. Zhiwei Che, Vice President of Research Products, BioDiscovery, Inc.  “As more users are migrating from microarrays to solely using next-generation sequencing platforms, there is a great need to provide analytical solutions on par with arrays.  The new algorithm, BAM (multiscale reference), provides results comparable to those from microarrays including identification of LOH regions making Nexus Copy Number a unique product for integrated analysis for data from multiple platforms.”

BAM files are processed directly via a user-friendly graphical interface designed for scientists - no programming knowledge required.  Nexus Copy Number 9.0 continues to provide an extensive list of statistical and visualization tools to perform large cohort studies: comparisons to identify statistically significant differences between subgroups, identification of cooperating events, clustering, gene enrichment, and more.  With integration of sequence variant analysis along with copy number and AOH, Nexus Copy Number is a one-stop solution for data from a wide range of NGS and array technologies.  Other features in version 9.0 include export of the distance matrix for clustering, user-specified event colors, and plotting of BAF (B-allele frequency) for the BAM ngCGH (matched) algorithm.

BioDiscovery’s platform-independent software packages provide a complete spectrum of data analysis solutions for gene expression (RNASeq, mRNA, miRNA) and copy number and sequence variation from microarray and NGS (WES, WGS, targeted panels) technologies. Nexus Copy Number is a user-friendly and robust software solution with specialized cancer specific tools and algorithms and the capability to handle large volumes of data.  With its ability to handle virtually any genome and integrate data from different modalities (gene expression, copy number, sequence variation), it offers a more complete picture of the genomic landscape.

About BioDiscovery, Inc.
BioDiscovery, Inc. is dedicated to the development of state-of-the-art software products for life science research as well as clinical applications. The company’s mission is to enable scientists to eliminate disease and suffering through novel application of computational technologies and translating these findings directly and rapidly to clinical use.

From its inception in 1997, BioDiscovery has been an innovative leader in the genomics informatics field, having introduced the first dedicated commercial software tool for analyzing microarray images. Since then, innovation has continued to be a top priority. BioDiscovery’s passion to make a difference has further extended the company’s reach into creating the most comprehensive enterprise-wide system for clinical applications enabling research findings to make direct impact on patient care.

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MarCom Manager