BioDiscovery News

Product: Nexus Copy Number

BioDiscovery releases Nexus Copy Number 9.0 with improved copy number estimation from NGS, including targeted panels and shallow sequencing

The new features in Nexus Copy Number 9.0 really enhance the usability of WES, WGS, targeted panels and low-pass sequencing for copy number analysis.

BioDiscovery releases Nexus Copy Number 8.0 with cutting-edge features: estimation of copy number and allelic events from NGS data

Nexus Copy Number 8.0 is derivation of copy number from NGS results. BAM (pooled reference), detects copy number from WES, WGS, and targeted NGS panels.

BioDiscovery and AKESOgen announce their co-marketing partnership

A genomics services provider for clinical trials, testing, and research will now be working with BioDiscovery in a co-marketing partnership.

BioDiscovery awarded National Institutes of Health SBIR Grant to Improve TCGA Copy Number Profiles

BioDiscovery awarded grant to make further discoveries into tumorigenesis and disease progression and provide a validation set for studies.

Affymetrix and BioDiscovery launch a tailored copy number analysis software solution for cancer research

Nexus Copy Number for Affymetrix is for data generated by Affymetrix’ genetic analysis platforms in cancer research. Learn more!

Cancer Genetics Expands BioDiscovery’s Nexus Copy Number Platform to Identify Novel Biomarkers Predictive of Cancer Outcomes

Cancer Genetics, Inc. and BioDiscovery announces expansion of the Nexus Copy Number Discovery platform to better predict cancer outcomes.

N-of-One and BioDiscovery Partner to Deliver Tumor Genomics Analysis and Interpretation Platform

Biodiscovery, Inc and N-of-One partners to deliver an integrated platform for labs and oncologists to identify targeted therapeutic options.