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This webinar is geared towards researchers interested how CNV, allelic events, and seq. variations can aid in the discovery process in cancer studies.

In this webinar, we will present an integrated analysis of copy number and sequence variation using data from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA).  TCGA data is publicly available via the TCGA portal and includes copy number data and whole exome sequencing data. Nexus Copy Number 7 has a number of new features including support for sequence variations (in various formats including VCF, MAF, and Affymetrix OncoScan somatic mutation files). Other new features particularly applicable to cancer studies are identification of co-occurrent regions and ASCAT2. Using the Discovery Edition of Nexus Copy Number 7.0, we will present findings which include: identification of areas of copy number enrichment using GISTIC analysis, identification of frequently mutated genes, comparison of copy number profiles between groups of tumors within the sample set, determination of co-occurrence between specific sequence variation and copy number alterations, and survival analysis.