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This webinar is geared towards researchers studying cancer and performing CNV and LOH analysis from array data. It is best suited for those who are familiar with BioDiscovery Nexus Copy Number and have had some experience loading, processing, and visualizing data in BioDiscovery Nexus. 1. Van Loo et. al. 2010. PNAS 107 (39) 16910-16915.  2. Beroukhim, et. al. 1997. PNAS 104 (50) 20007-20012.

Analyzing copy number variation in cancer tissues can be a difficult task due to the heterogeneity of the cell population. In this presentation, we will show how to evaluate a population of tumor samples using ASCAT (1), how to perform paired analysis (detecting only differences between a tumor and its matching normal sample) from a single individual, and how to identify statistically significant regions of aberrations using the GISTIC algorithm (2). The ASCAT processing is applicable to SNP arrays and generates estimates of the sample ploidy, the copy number, as well as the extent of contamination of the tumor (mixture of normal cells in the sample). Through a live analysis session, we will show how to use these features effectively.