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This webinar is geared towards cytogeneticists performing CNV, LOH, and sequence variant analysis from aCGH, SNP array, and NGS data. Existing Nexus users will benefit from learning about the new features in the new version 7 of Nexus Copy Number and Nexus Solo and how to use them effectively.

Webinar Description
In this presentation we will demonstrate CNV, LOH and sequence variant analysis tools for cytogeneticists which will accelerate their sample review workflow and allow for better decisions on the significance of events being detected. Using Nexus Copy Number 7 as a platform independent solution for analysis and visualization of CNV, LOH, and sequence variation, we will review individual case examples for both constitutional and cancer samples. We will demonstrate how data from any platform can be loaded and processed to automatically identify regions of copy number change and LOH. Enhanced filtering options and quick comparison with online public databases (e.g. ISCA, AGRE, TCGA) in Nexus Copy Number 7 allows for quick creation of customized reports with notes and annotations.  Finally, we will co-visualize sequence variation results with copy number calls for samples with data from multiple modalities for integrated genomic evaluation.