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This webinar is geared towards those working on research projects and want to know what types of advanced analyses can be performed in Nexus Copy Number.

Andrea Filtered.jpgIn our recent webinars, we have shown the versatility of the new BAM multiscale reference algorithm in Nexus Copy Number 9.0, in its ability to handle many types of NGS data (WES, WGS, targeted panels, shallow sequencing).  You have seen how to derive copy number from NGS, that it is comparable to array results, and how you can analyze data without normal samples available.  Now that you have these great copy number results, what do you do with it?

Nexus Copy Number offers a number of statistical analysis tools for advanced research analysis.  These tools help answer questions such as

  • Does my dataset segregate into different CNV profiles?
  • Which aberrations are different between sub-groups in my data? Are these differences statistically significant? 
  • Which genes and pathways are involved in the aberrant regions?

Join us as we analyze copy number obtained from NGS using BAM (multiscale reference) in a cancer cohort. After reviewing copy number estimation and preliminary analysis, we will feature several downstream analysis tools in Nexus Copy Number Discovery Edition. Tools available in the software include:

  • Aggregate and peak analysis
  • Comparisons between groups
  • Concordance or co-occurrence
  • Cluster analysis
  • Gene enrichment analysis
  • Survival/Kaplan-Meier analysis
  • Survival predictive power
  • Integration with sequence variants
  • Integration with gene expression results