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This webinar is geared towards researchers using or planning on using Affymetrix Axiom arrays and are interested in obtaining copy number data.

Affymetrix Axiom arrays are typically used for large-scale genotyping studies but the same arrays can yield even further information. The SNP probes on the arrays can be used to calculate log2 ratios and BAF frequencies allowing researchers to uncover copy number variants from the same data. Many studies benefit from investigating both copy number and SNPs and the ability to garner both types of information from the same platform is extremely efficient and cost effective. Recently Affymetrix has designed tools to harness copy number data from Axiom arrays which can subsequently be loaded into BioDiscovery’s Nexus Copy Number software. Nexus Copy Number is a leading CNV analysis and visualization software used at hundreds of institutions worldwide. Its intuitive user interface with an interactive genome browser allows facility in visualization of CNV data and numerous statistical analysis tools allow for advanced research analysis. The presentation will give an overview of the Axiom and Nexus Copy Number platforms with a live demo of CNV analysis from the Axiom array data.