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Nexus Express for OncoScan is a powerful tool for analysis of OncoScan data and is provided by Affymetrix with each FFPE Assay Kit. See how you can take advantage of Nexus Express for OncoScan, to which you have free access, and learn how to analyze your data from start to finish. We will show how to load, process, and analyze your OncoScan data with ease. Topics to be covered include

  • Loading and processing data
  • Adjusting call settings
  • Re-centering to adjust baseline ploidy
  • Identifying mosaicism
  • Reviewing results
  • Querying Nexus DB

We will also briefly cover how you can get more out of your data by integrating TCGA Premier (re-analyzed and manually curated TCGA data) and using additional features available in Nexus Copy Number for Affymetrix (e.g. incorporating data from other  Affymetrix platforms such as CytoScan, , adding mutation data from NGS platforms, and using the GISTIC and ASCAT algorithms).