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This webinar is geared towards researchers interested in cancer studies and how CNV and LOH analysis can aid in the discovery and validation processes.

The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) has generated a wealth of genomic information for a wide range of cancers. Much of the data is available publicly on the internet via the TCGA portal. Although the data portal provides access to download processed data as well as the ability to issue simple queries, the utility of this tool is rather limited for most research applications. BioDiscovery has solved these issues by 1) downloading the publically available (Level 3) data and associated phenotypic data onto a single, secure, cloud-based repository-Nexus DB 2) providing free and easy access to this data to Nexus Copy Number users and 3) providing user-friendly tools (Nexus Copy Number and Nexus DB) to analyze and mine this data. In this presentation we will show how to search and query this data with Nexus Copy Number and Nexus DB to find, for example, projects with a particular aberration signature or projects with specific affected genes. We will also discuss possible issues with the level 3 data and how the raw data can be used to obtain a more accurate representation of the data.