Topic: Cancer Research

BioDiscovery and Thermo Fisher Scientific Sign OEM Partnership

Recently, BioDiscovery signed an OEM partnership deal with Thermo Fisher Scientific for analysis software for the OncoScan Assay. The partnership allows the two companies to merge their expertise in high-throughput genomic data analysis software and array based assays for the cancer genomics market. BioDiscovery developed Nexus Express for OncoScan software for Thermo Fisher's OncoScan CNV Assay for solid tumor analysis.

How are systematic correction files used for correcting probe values?

A while back we discussed what systematic correction is and how the files are created to apply this to your data. As a follow up, today we'll explain how the content of systematic correction files are used.

Welcome back to everyone who visited us at AMP 2017

We showed the benefits of an integrated review of CNV, AOH, and SNV using our NxClinical software which handles both array and NGS data in a single system.

Cancer statistics in males and females

The US cancer statistics for 2017 were published early this year. Cancer statistics comparison between males and females seems to be the most interesting one.

Summer round up: customer publications in cancer

Summer is sadly coming to an end and it’s time to wrap up our vacations and get ready for a busier Fall. Many take some time off for rest and relaxation over the summer but there are still a lot of accomplishments during this time. We’d like to highlight here some customer publications in oncology from this summer. The publications ranged across different cancer types including breast, blood, brain and are from customers across the globe.

Customer publication: functional analysis of CNA in sporadic colorectal cancer showcases Nexus Copy Number's statistical analysis tools

Most are well-aware of Nexus Copy Number’s strengths in detection of copy number from different technologies and this often overshadows the many other powerful features of Nexus Copy Number. A recent customer publication illustrates nicely the power of these additional analysis tools. Here I’m going to walk through a recent customer publication highlighting the areas where the authors used these powerful research tools available within Nexus Copy Number.

Check out our updated Nexus DB

With Nexus DB, you now have the ability to view and query the fully curated TCGA Premier datasets within areas of interest.

Another successful AACR meeting with many presentations featuring Nexus Copy Number

Great to see so many customer posters featuring Nexus Copy Number at AACR 2017 and even some using the newly released version 9.0 for deriving CNVs from low-pass WGS and cancer panel data.