Topic: Expression

Summer round up: customer publications in cancer

Summer is sadly coming to an end and it’s time to wrap up our vacations and get ready for a busier Fall. Many take some time off for rest and relaxation over the summer but there are still a lot of accomplishments during this time. We’d like to highlight here some customer publications in oncology from this summer. The publications ranged across different cancer types including breast, blood, brain and are from customers across the globe.

Long non-coding RNAs: Filling in the human genome

The major focus of the human genome is on the coding exonic regions, a recent publication has shed light on the massive number of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs).

Looking for more information about integrating analysis of copy number, sequence variant and gene expression data?

In this webinar we discussed how to prepare, upload and process copy number, expression and sequence variant results for the same samples within a cancer cohort.

Easy, integrated genomic data analysis with Nexus Copy Number 8.0

Our Nexus Copy Number software for years provided the ability to integrate sequence variants and gene expression results with copy number allowing identifications of genomic hotspots.

RNASeq for Differential Gene Expression

Learn how to estimate the number of mRNA transcripts for differential gene expression between sample phenotypes. using RNASeq protocol.