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Introducing NxClinical 6.0 — 5 key updates and improvements

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BioDiscovery and Thermo Fisher Scientific Sign OEM Partnership

Recently, BioDiscovery signed an OEM partnership deal with Thermo Fisher Scientific for analysis software for the OncoScan Assay. The partnership allows the two companies to merge their expertise in high-throughput genomic data analysis software and array based assays for the cancer genomics market. BioDiscovery developed Nexus Express for OncoScan software for Thermo Fisher's OncoScan CNV Assay for solid tumor analysis.

Nexus Copy Number – Casting a Wide Net

Nexus Copy Number has been used to work on a variety of organisms, including canines, monkeys, plants, humans, and more. View these highlighted publications.

BioDiscovery invited to exhibit NxClinical software with Philips at AMP 2016

BioDiscovery was invited as a partner to exhibit its NxClinical software with Philips at the American Molecular Pathology (AMP) Annual Conference. BioDiscovery's NxClinical has been an established software tool in clinical labs for copy number variants analysis and reporting.

Patent Filed using Nexus Copy Number – for Canine Cancer Diagnosis

Dr. Breen of North Carolina State University has been a long time user of our Nexus Copy Number software and we were pleased to learn of his application of his latest patent: a new, non-invasive method of diagnosing bladder cancer in dogs.

NxClinical 3.0 was Announced at ASHG, Increases Efficiency in Clinical Reporting

NxClinical 3.0 was announced at ASHG and is the first comprehensive case review and reporting system that combines array and NGS data.

Spice up your life with the new version of NxClinical 3.0

Our new version on NxClinical 3.0 offers something that no one else in this industry is currently offering which is uniting NGS and microarray data in one single database software system.

Open House & NxClinical 3.0 Pre-Launch Party was a success!

The Pre-launch of the newest version of NxClinical 3.0 was successfully celebrated yesterday at our open house party.